The Universal approach to galvanizing begins with a commitment to excellence.

Our goal is to offer the best services we can at a competitive price. To do this, we run a jimclean, efficient, and environmentally sound work place. The workplace is then staffed by a motivated, experienced, and well-trained workforce that supports the overall goal. This commitment to excellence leads to timely and cost-effective services to our customers. We certify that our services are visually appealing and are in conformance to the industries specifications for coating thickness and corrosion resistance.

The result of this commitment to excellence combines to offer not only quality product assurance; but also customer satisfaction that Universal Galvanizing plans and will continue to hold in the future. It is our pledge to our customers to offer the best services at a competitive price. We are Universal Galvanizing, protecting the world, one piece at a time.

- Jim Cody

In The News…

Project Completed…  Our Wright City facility is now in operation. It features nearly double the capacity of the old plant, with space to increase and expand.

ISO-Ready…  “Universal Galvanizing completed the ISO 9001 re-certification in November 2009. This comprehensive audit was conducted by Third Part  Certification Body.”

Acid Recovery System…  “We here at Universal Galvanizing are committed to being more eco-friendly with a zero discharge facility. We are nearing completion of acid recovery system which is scheduled to go online this summer.”

Building to House & Industrial Land Available…  “Currently at Universal we have up to 80 acres of undeveloped land for lease for industrial purposes & a precast concrete building for lease. For leasing information please contact Jason.”